We are excited to reopen Leeds Esprit gymnastics classes and looking forward to welcoming our gymnasts and new participants to our classes starting on Wednesday 21st April 2021.

If you would like to know more about our classes, times and place availability, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Jumping Beans

Suitable for: Boys & girls from walking - 21/2 years & 21/2 - 4 years.  How the class runs: Sessions lasting 45 minutes begin with both parents and children participating in a warm up circuit, taking part in a hand apparatus session and then movement to music together.

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Beginners - Advanced Classes

Suitable for: Boys & girls from 5 years upwards. The classes cater for all abilities from beginners through to advanced gymnasts.  How the class runs: Gymnasts will work towards new skills, improve existing skills and have lots of fun!

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Tumbling & Gymnastics (Drop in)

Suitable for: Anyone 10+ starting out, or wanting to improve their Tumbling / Gymnastics skills further. How the class runs: We start the class with a warm up and flexibility / body conditioning then move on to basic skills as a group. After this participants move round the apparatus in groups, and are able to practice/learn skills of their own choice on that piece of apparatus.

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TeamGym Development & Competitive

For boys & girls who have moved on from our pre development group, or who have been selected from our recreational programme who have achieved the level to develop towards competitive gymnastics at a regional level.

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Disability Classes

Gymnastics session for children and adults with physical / learning difficulties or sensory impairment; offering them the opportunity to experience gymnastic fundamental movements, using a variety of hand apparatus, music and larger gymnastics apparatus during a structured session.

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Petit Esprit

Suitable for: Boys & girls who are from 4 - 5 years (Tuesday) & 31/2 - 51/2 years (Saturday). Children take part independently without a parent/carer.

How the class runs: Classes are based on the British Gymnastics Fundamental movement for early years which helps develop basic skills in movement and coordination in a safe, fun environment.

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Intermediate - Advanced Skills

Suitable for: Boys & girls from 7 years upwards, who have gained experience at Leeds Esprit over a number of terms, and have achieved the appropriate skills.
How the class runs: Gymnasts will work towards new skills, improve existing skills and have lots of fun!

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TeamGym Pre-Development Boys and Girls

For boys & girls selected from our recreational programme, who have shown the ability and discipline to progress towards a competitive development group.

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TeamGym Competitive Boys and Girls

For boys & girls working towards regional, national & international TeamGym competitions.

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